By Jessyka Dooley — Denver, Colorado … Like all good summer camps, Glacier View Ranch is home to a flock of flamingos, plastic flamingos that is. We’re also game for pulling pranks that spread love, joy and cheer. We call them, “gutenpranks,” and this is where the flamingos connect! These majestic birds hibernate up in the Rocky Mountains from September till May but are very active during the summer months.

At Summer Camp, a burst of pink can be found steadily migrating from one summer camp cabin to the next as campers pull a “gutenprank” by “flocking” each other’s cabin “yards” with the flamboyance of flamingos.

Because of COVID-19 keeping families at home, the flamingos awoke from their winter slumber early to migrate around the Rocky Mountain Conference, bringing joy to families! The Youth Department began by flocking the front yard of two GVR campers from last summer. They continued the fun by transporting the flock of flamingos to another friend’s home… and thus our flamingo friends have made their way around Erie, Arvada, and Fredrick!

Be on the lookout as more flamingos have heard the news and are making their journey to other parts of our greater Front Range community!

Jessyka Dooley is RMC associate youth director; photo by [selfie] Jessyka Dooley

Note #1: The Youth Department asks that families who participate in (or find themselves participating in) the gutenprank tradition of flamingo flocking continue to use proper social distancing, sanitizing, hand washing, and other precautionary actions as directed by the State of Colorado and CDC.

Note #2 from the NewsNuggets editor:  Flamingos tried to land on our lawn in Longmont. They changed their mind by seeing in the window HRH Prince Orek, our usually quiet and friendly canine. He was given a lecture. We welcome all flamingos on the Front Range.