RMCNews with Miloš Tomić – Arvada, Colorado … What started as a spur-of-the-moment idea in the Rocky Mountain Conference office on the eve of the Covid era, became a nice-sized group of Millennials having worship on their own terms for more than a year now.

Currently meeting in Posner International Development Center in the heart of the Five Points area of Denver, this group strives to create a social and spiritual hub for this deeply diverse neighborhood.

Pastor Miloš says, “This is a startup ministry. If you’re expecting to find a churchy church, don’t. But if you’re willing to approach a spiritual experience with an open mind, you might just find ‘your’ church.” He adds, “We don’t do ‘church.’ ”

“At the very beginning, our core group agreed on one thing—this meetup should resemble [the] biblical blueprint first, and a traditional and cultural one after. But we kind of dropped on the latter two in this development stage of our growth,” comments Pastor Miloš.

Replicating a New Testament experience means there is no pastor to preach, but everyone takes part in a spiritual exploration of the Scriptures. Sometimes we sing and sometimes someone has a testimony, but nothing is set in stone. Very often, Pastor Miloš moderates the discussion with a full mouth and a breakfast plate in his hand.

Consider this a blasphemy? Perhaps somewhere else, but not at FivePoints Life church.

“All we want to do is bring Agape dinners back in style again. If the New Testament church thrived with them, why wouldn’t we?” Pastor Miloš asks.

The best part is that Pastor Miloš is turning 45 in two weeks, and he is the oldest one in this group of worshipers. So much life and amazing energy is reverberating at Five Points right now!

You can find more info on our website, Five-Points.life or our Facebook page facebook.com/fivepointslifechurch

—RMCNews with Miloš Tomić, associate pastor at Arvada Adventist Church. Photo supplied.