RMCNews with Annette Treat – Worland, Wyoming … The small, usually quiet, church of Worland, Wyoming was filled with laughter and fellowship on December 16 as students from Sonshine Academy showcased their acting skills in the performance of A New Nativity Play.

The country church usually welcomes an average of 20 members on Sabbath, but on this night, more than 50 people attended to celebrate the hard work of the school children.

Annette Treat, Sonshine Academy headteacher, was excited to see the church full. “After months of Covid closures, the church was filled with families and friends excited to be together at Christmas time!

Other church members echoed Treat’s sentiments about seeing the church full. “I wish the church were this full every Sabbath,” commented Hannah Curran, member.

Students were nervous, but performed to their best ability.” Commenting on their hard work in preparing the evening and how it went, Ella, a fifth-grader, said, “All of us were nervous, but at the end, we were proud of each other.”

Reflecting on the play, Robert, fifth-grader, said, “I liked my funny parts that I said in the play.”

When asked how the event went, Izik, third-grader, said, “We all did a very good job!”

The fellowship continued after the play when baked Christmas goods and punch were available to mull over as new connections were made and old friendships were rekindled.

Timothy, second-grader, summed up the evening perfectly when asked about the evening, “The cookies were delicious!”

–RMCNews with Annette Treat, Sonshine Academy headteacher; photos supplied