By Karrie Meyers – Highlands Ranch, Colorado … Mile High Academy students learn skills for life in elective classes.

Students can choose classes including: art, woodworking, life skills, outdoor survival, drama, yearbook, strategy games, robotics and Spanish.

Life skills class was formed with the purpose of providing students with an opportunity to develop skills needed for everyday life as well as problem solving and decision making including: how to look for a job, write a resume, fill out an application.

Pupils also discovered how to cook and how to integrate vegetarian options into the recipes and the importance of a well-balanced meal. They made guacamole, tortillas from scratch, quesadillas, banana nut bread, smoothies, spring rolls and mashed potatoes.

“I really enjoyed life skills because I got to learn how to cook – and eat it,” Mitchell Nudd, seventh-grader said.

MHA strives to provide students a well-rounded education, including unique elective class options for upper and middle school.

“Keeping the students involved and excited about leaning is a priority at Mile High Academy,” said Brenda Rodie, VP of operations, admissions and records. “The world as we know it is constantly changing and providing instructional and interactive elective classes help the students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that stay with them for a lifetime.”

Woodworking is offered to upper school students teaching how to safely use hand and power tools.  Their first project was to make birdhouses. The students were tasked with creating their plan, cutting and building as well as painting. The birdhouses are almost complete, and they will be selling them to family and friends.

“I enjoy the experience of helping the students learn a hands-on skill and giving them the opportunity to plan and execute their own project from start to finish,” Brian Howard, woodworking teacher said.

Robotics is also a popular elective. The class of twelve is in its initial design phase of this school year’s robot. They are currently raising funds to attend a Florida robotics competition in April 2021, with an upcoming drive-in movie to be held on November 7.

— Karrie Meyers is Mile High Academy’s communication assistant; photos supplied