RMCNews with Brenda Maldonado – Colorado Springs, Colorado … Some 20 Colorado Springs Central members spent Easter in the community making more than 200 breakfast burritos, putting together hygiene gift bags, giving donations, and going out to deliver the gifts to the homeless.

The congregation has built relationships with the homeless community and now they call each other friends and look forward to each visit.

Brenda Maldonado commented on the experience of getting to know the community: “Every recipient was so grateful for the gifts of food and toiletries. So many, after saying ‘Thank you,’ followed with, ‘God bless you’. Many know us and our church now, but some always ask where we are from.”

Because the group was celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, Mike Maldonado, Colorado Springs Central pastor, provided communion for those in the homeless community who desired it. Many did want communion and were pleasantly surprised that a pastor would come out to pray for them and then serve them the emblems of the body and blood of Christ. “So many love God, but feel that the church would not want them there,” explained Brenda Maldonado

One member described the scene saying, “It was such a beautiful moment, witnessing [them] take part in the body and blood of Christ. Nothing brings more happiness when tears of joy come because of Jesus,” Ruth Lagos said.

Mike Maldonado commented that celebrating communion was a highlight for him. “Handing out communion,” he said, “was one of the highlights of my 30 years in ministry. Nothing compares to offering the body and blood of Christ to those marginalized by the church and society. I never felt closer to Jesus than when handing out communion on Easter morning to the homeless.”

The members spent time fellowshipping with those in the homeless camp including a man named Justin who visited the church the week before.

Colorado Springs Central makes sandwiches and puts together 125 lunches every Sabbath for the homeless, and delivers them after second service.

–RMCNews with Brenda Maldonado, Colorado Springs Central member; photo courtesy of Mike Maldonado Facebook