By Samantha Nelson – Cody, Wyoming … Members of the Cody Cowboys Pathfinder Club experienced a seven-mile excursion in the wild to help them achieve the hiking honor on April 9.

The wildness journey was a seven-mile round-trip hike through the Elk Fork Canyon outside of Cody along the North Fork.

Reflecting on the day’s events, Micah, Cody Cowboys member, said, “It was long!” He was the first one back to the waiting vehicles.

The group hiked along the river and up the mountainside, enjoying the fresh, cool air and fellowship and watching for bears beginning to emerge from their winter hibernation.

Steve and Samantha Nelson, Cody district pastor, surprised the group by showing up at the starting point to celebrate their achievement and providing much-appreciated refreshments.

Anita Holdren, Cody Cowboys’ assistant director, expressed her appreciation for the Nelsons. “Thank you so much for coming up! It was a nice surprise to see you both, and the fruit was absolutely amazing!”

–Samantha Nelson is wife of Steve Nelson, pastor of Cody, Wyoming district; photos by Hardy Tyson, Loralei Jeffers, and Elaine Holdren