18 Feb

Campion student honored with Good Citizen Award

By Campion Academy News – Loveland, Colorado…Samantha Hodges, Campion senior and frequent contributor to NewsNuggets, was recognized with a Good Citizen Award by The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She was nominated by Campion’s staff for demonstrating the qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism.

“It was a honor to be nominated for this award, and a joy to earn the title of the Good Citizen Award as well as represent Campion Academy. It was a great opportunity to write an essay about our country and its heritage. It is my hope to inspire others through my writing and everyday actions by being the best person I can be,” Samantha Hodges said.

The Namaqua Chapter has hosted an annual Student Recognition and Patriotic Tea for 105 years, which Samantha attended online this year. Each of the selected winners from seven local high schools read a personal essay on the topic, “Our American Heritage and Our responsibility to Preserve it.”

The Thomson Valley School District Superintendent, county commissioner, and Loveland mayor were present to honor the nominees.

–Campion Academy News; photo supplied

07 Jan

International students find second homes for the holidays

By Campion Academy Student News – Loveland, Colorado…Even though most of Campion’s international students couldn’t return home due to COVID travel restrictions over the holidays, they were able to find comfort in welcoming host families.

Jarrod and Greg Lang, two brothers from China, haven’t been able to return home since they came to Campion in August of 2019. Jarrod explained that dealing with homesickness can be difficult. “I miss my family and the food they cook, especially my grandma’s cooking,” he said.

Brayan Martins, international student from Brazil explained, “I’ve definitely felt homesick, but it helps that I’ve been calling home every day and talking to my mom through FaceTime.”

The students mentioned that host families helped them have a positive experience despite being far from home.

“The families have made me feel really comfortable and the kiddos of the families loved me like their own; it felt like home. Throughout break, I got to know three new families, eat a lot of good food, and make new friends,” said Brayan.

Jarrod further commented, “My host families helped me do things that I never thought I could accomplish, like doing a five-foot drop-off on my [mountain] bike with Matt Hasty.”

Local families opened their homes over the break, enriching their family lives with young people from other cultural backgrounds

Campion Student News Team; photo supplied

10 Sep


By Campion News –Loveland, Colorado …. Campion Academy is accepting the new normal with positivity and adaptability.

Students and staff have had to follow strict policies relating to COVID-19 and come up with new ways to interact in the classroom, the cafeteria, and other areas of campus life.

On top of that, Colorado’s unusual weather has been making national headlines with record-breaking heat, poor air quality, smoke from wildfires, and an early September snowstorm with record cold temperatures.

Students shared their reactions and thoughts on dealing with these challenging times.

On masks and social distancing:

“It’s nice that we can see one another again but I feel like since we were so used to being close, that masks and social distancing get in the way of the interaction we want. Overall, I hate it because I can’t see anyone’s expressions, and I can’t hear what they are saying, and I like interacting with people.” -Nelly Salinas, Campion senior

“I definitely didn’t think masks or social distancing would last over a month. Sometimes it’s inconvenient wearing a mask or social distancing because I want things to be “normal” or like they were before.” -Kendra Eickmann, Campion junior

On fires and smoke:

“The smoke is very annoying, because it postponed a lot of the activities I was looking forward to, and it was disappointing.” -Isaac Avila, Campion junior

“I’ve lived in Colorado all my life and I’ve never seen the smoke this bad. I wasn’t expecting to see ash actually falling from the sky along with it being hard to breathe outside.” -Ryan Bell, Campion senior

On September snow:

“With people mentioning the upcoming weather, I wasn’t surprised when it began to snow. However, I wasn’t expecting it in September. I’m not pleased and hope it goes away soon.” -Blet Htoo, Campion sophomore

“I wasn’t expecting it but it was a nice surprise. I enjoy the snow and think it looks nice, so I hope it stays for a while.” -Jared Sotelo, Campion sophomore

“I hate the snow. Summer is so much more fun and warmer; winter is just ugly and cold. I wasn’t expecting it this soon and I’m really disappointed. It’s so soggy and gross.” -Greg Lang, Campion sophomore

On keeping positive: 

“Honestly, this year has been especially tough for me, and what has kept me positive is my friends. Whenever I was sad or discouraged, they were always there, reassuring me I could keep going. Also, I seriously could not have made it this far without God. He has been my stability through all of this, and He brought me back here where I can worship him more.” -Jynaya Wright, Campion senior

“This year has definitely been a rough one especially with COVID and the fires, but what’s been pushing me through is my friends from here and at home. Every time I was ever stressed or just feeling down, my friends were there to cheer me up and help me throughout my struggles. I’m glad that God has put people in my life to help me throughout all of this and I’m also glad that He gave us an opportunity to be here.” -Melody Mambo, Campion sophomore

“To be honest, it hasn’t gotten off to the best start and it really affected a lot of events negatively. One of the main things that keeps me positive is the fact that it has been only one month, and we still have a whole school year to go. God is the most important aspect that motivates me to keep going. A lot of times our plans don’t work out, but whatever God has planned for us is always perfect. It is best that we trust Him.” -Jayden A.

–Campion News; photos supplied