Tiffany Mogaka – Loveland’s Campion students and staff took a break from the classroom walls to experience God’s creation through activities including hiking, photography, and nature journaling in Rocky Mountain National Park during Outdoor School Day.

The long-awaited day brought students out of their beds bright and early. Designated groups boarded buses and set out to explore their interests in nature. Phoebe Mamanua, junior, commented, “It was really fun to be with my friends and be out in nature. I loved being outside, especially spending time with God in His creation.”

The nature journaling group first concentrated on the details in nature through doodling and writing before admiring the mountain views on a challenging hike up Deer Mountain. Ana Segawa, senior, reflected, “What I appreciated the most was stopping and really looking at nature and the things that often go unnoticed. It was very peaceful there.”

Students who participated in the intense-hike group did their best to stay hydrated as they traveled roughly seven miles across steep hills and formidable trails in high altitudes. They arrived at Loch Vale where they observed the splendid views of the lakes surrounded by mountains. Helen Reyes-Peres, freshman, said, “The hike was honestly easier than I expected. Overall, it was very fun to be with friends, and by the end, I felt very accomplished and happy.”

In between activities, students ate a pre-packed sack lunch prepared by the cafeteria team. In the afternoon, they worked on completing their various nature pursuits, followed by spending free time together at a sub-alpine point before heading back to campus.

The Outdoor School Day gave students irrevocable memories of nature learning with fellow students and teachers. Brayan Martins, senior, recalled, “It was a great experience to be out in the mountains and see great views. It was a really good bonding experience! I’m glad to enjoy this last outdoor school with my friends!”

–Tiffany Mogaka, Student News Team. Photo by Campion Academy eNewsletter.