By Sami Hodges – Loveland, Colorado … Campion students gave their Sunday, normally a free day to enjoy teenage activities, to improve their campus and the campus of Glacier View Ranch, along with various other outreach projects in the surrounding area, during their annual Community Service Day

Students at Campion Academy cleaned up their campus by cutting down dead trees, doing yard work and agriculture and tearing down a deck behind the girls’ dorm.

“This experience taught me how to be more thankful for the staff and what they do for us,” reflected Odalis Mata, Campion senior. “I know the staff are all busy as teachers and parents, so they don’t exactly have time to do things like gardening, yard work, and things like that. For me, Community Service Day was like a ‘thank-you’ from us to them so we could help get things done around campus. “

Other service projects included painting at Glacier View Ranch, passing out GLOW tracts with Literature Evangelism, picking up trash along the highway, and volunteering at a community member’s horse barn with general clean up.

Reflecting on the day, students realized the importance of taking pride in the work completed.

“I was able to come together with students I don’t necessarily talk to as much, and we just helped out together. I think we were able to work together to make the campus look better and know that we did it ourselves,” Brisa Maldonado, Campion junior said.

–Sami Hodges is a senior at Campion Academy; photos by Jill Harlow, Tiffany Dien, and Darcy Force