By Jared Marcenaro – Loveland, Colorado … Campion Academy students and faculty rolled up their sleeves to help the community by donating blood.

Recently, Campion partnered with Vitalant to host a blood drive to help increase the supply needed throughout the state. Planning for the event took time as students had to receive permission to participate in the drive. For many of the 29 students and staff, this was their first time donating.

“Being my first time donating, it was a bit nerve-wracking, but I made sure to drink a lot of water and eat something before my appointment,” Jahir, a senior, commented.

Some were scared and somewhat nervous when they entered the gym where the drive was being held. “When I got to the gym, I got a little nervous after seeing the whole setup and all the scary machines. But when I sat in the chair, I remembered why I signed up in the first place: to help other people. I’m glad I had the opportunity to donate my blood and do something good,” Elizabeth, a senior, said.

Organizing the event was Shannon Brown, Campion’s registrar.  Brown’s reason for planning the blood drive was very personal.

“When I was newly married, my husband almost died and needed a blood transfusion. He needed two liters of blood on one occasion and one liter on another occasion. To me, people who donated [their] blood saved my husband. I don’t even know who the people are, but they still chose to give, and that is something I can choose too.”

Jahir hopes that donating will encourage more students to give and for Campion to host future events. “It feels good knowing that my blood can help save lives, and I will definitely do it again.”

–Jared Marcenaro, is a Campion senior; photo supplied