Campion Academy News –Loveland, Colorado … The semester may be over, but teachers and staff aren’t just sitting around with their feet up; they are taking advantage of the extended break to complete training and improve the campus.

One piece of training the staff had a chance to complete was a Tactical Communication and De-Escalation session led by Campion’s School Resource Officer, Craig Cable. Under Cable’s direction, the staff role-played multiple scenarios in order to learn to think critically and respond appropriately in high-stress situations. In each situation, Cable helped the staff focus on prioritizing the safety of our students.

Teachers are also spending time working through professional development modules to improve their classes.

Meanwhile, the gymnasium floor is undergoing a make-over. Wesley Kluchesky, son of Plant Services Director Jeff Kluchesky, is cleaning the wood in preparation for the floor to be refinished. Campion students can look forward to playing ball on a shiny smooth floor when they return in January.

–Campion Academy Newsletter; photos supplied