At the end of August, the senior class of 2020 left for a highly anticipated four-day trip to Rocky Mountain’s Glacier View Ranch. Senior Survival

has been a tradition at Campion for many years, and a key moment for bonding. The theme for the weekend was trusting in others, yourself, and God.

The journey up the mountain was challenging because the bus only took us so far, and then we had to take our packs for the week and hike the remainder of the distance. Once we made it to the campsite, our next challenge was making a shelter. We were provided two tarps for rain protection, stakes, and twine. Many chose to sleep in hammocks but some were brave enough to sleep on the ground.

Each day consisted of many challenging team-bonding activities. Our class was split into three groups which separated typical friend groups. The activities were challenging mentally and physically. They required us to put trust in our teammates.

Each night after the activities were completed, a campfire was built and everyone gathered around. A short worship was given by our chaplain Mrs. Eickmann, and then the time was given over to the class for discussion. Some nights we would go around and tell funny stories, or we would share our greatest struggle. Even people who were typically quiet opened up. We repeated the saying, “What is said on the mountain, stays on the mountain.”

Commenting on the experience, Grant, a senior, said, “Everyone was open and honest. We had such a good time telling stories, laughing and crying together, and getting closer to each other and to God. It’s definitely something I’ll never forget.”

Megan Michalenko, Senior, Student Editor; photo CA Newsletter