By Ken Albertsen – Loveland, Colorado … Lead pastor of the Campion church, Micheal Goetz, was sworn recently as chaplain for the Loveland Police department.

Recently, Goetz sat down Ken Albertsen, Campion church communication team member, and answered a few questions on his new responsibilities as a chaplain.

Albertsen: How did you become involved with the Loveland Police Department?

Goetz: While I was sitting in a meeting with community leaders a few months ago, Loveland Police Chief Robert Ticer was also there. He shared the need for support and help of chaplains in the police department. He shared his own heart and convictions as a Christian and I felt impressed to follow up with a conversation on how I and we as a campus could bless our community. Chief Ticer noted that there are two graduates of Campion Academy serving with the department and they would welcome any other support.

Albertsen: What does a police chaplain do?

Goetz: I am joining a small team of chaplains that volunteer their time to support in crisis or community needs as well as provide service to and with the officers and their families. The ministry is to be a support and a presence when there is pain in our community.

Albertsen: With the busyness of campus and church, why add this?

Goetz: When I first became a pastor in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, I was invited to serve as a police chaplain in that community.  What I found was an incredible opportunity to interact and support the leaders and influencers. I also found that church often tends to be people looking and acting their best, but working in the community as a police chaplain, I had the opportunity to reach those who would never darken the doors of a church. As a police chaplain I have the opportunity to care for the most broken and hurting around us. We are very blessed with the ministry on campus – this just widens the circle of our impact.

–Text by Ken Albertsen; photo supplied