Haley Beckermeyer – Loveland, Colorado … Some 700 alumni gathered at Campion Academy, September 14-18, to go back in time, reconnect with their classmates and support their alma mater.

Kicking off the event on Wednesday, September 14, the 26th annual Reeder Golf Classic featured 62 golfers, 20 more than in previous years. More than $10,000 was raised for Campion’s counseling and mentoring program. This year’s tournament was in honor of Lance Turner, an ‘85-’86 alum and beloved community member who was known for being exceptionally supportive of his classmates and neighbors.

On Friday evening, alumni joined current students for a Vespers concert presented by Prisma, a local group of musicians.

The Sabbath church service featured Dr. Andrew Harewood, the first Adventist and African American chaplain to reach the rank of General in the US Army reserve. In addition, Campion Academy’s music ensembles performed for the first time this school year.

Following the Vespers service, the honor classes were served a meal by the senior class. After lunch in the Ad Building, honor classes spent time looking at pictures of their class, reminiscing about their school experiences, and seeing how much things have changed.

Celebrating 70 years since graduation, Betty Ready, Class of 1952, reflected on her feelings when she first came to Campion Academy. She commented, “I was just always so excited to come to Campion because it was a bigger school with more people. I was coming from a school of six or seven people.”

The students enjoyed meeting the alumni and talking about how the school has changed since they attended. “I thought it was really cool getting to meet some of the people that graduated years ago and seeing all of the many faces on campus,” commented Daneil Camas, junior at Campion Academy.

Current students got to see friends who graduated recently. Sandra Arlt, Class of 2022 commented, “It’s really cool coming back as an alumnus this year because it was fun to see all of my friends, talk to the teachers, and update everyone on my life. I really appreciate being able to come back, seeing friendly faces, and having a family to say hi to.”

On Saturday evening, the visiting alumni and students joined together to perform in a brass ensemble and a choir sing-along that featured five former choir directors, a new feature this year.

Volleyball and soccer games against Campion Academy’s varsity teams closed off the weekend. In typical fashion, the alumni defeated the current students in both games.

The livestreams of the programs are available on Campion Academy’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

–Haley Beckermeyer is a member of Campion Academy’s Student News Team. Photos from Campion Academy eNewsletter.