By Jodie Aakko – Brighton, Colorado … May 13 marked the day five young Brighton Adventist Academy graduates stood taller than ever. Although a pre-kindergarten or a kindergarten graduate may look small in size, they are giant in accomplishments and pride.

Five boys beamed from ear to ear as they were filled with love and recognition from teachers and family.

“Ricky, you are receiving an award for future firefighter, because you never leave a friend behind!”  announced Mrs. Sandra Santos, pre-kindergarten teacher. The graduates were honored with awards for exemplary character and individual personality strengths.

They also received a large bag filled with gifts which matched each student’s interests and talents including science kits, art supplies, teacher materials, adventure tools, and other items including an over-sized teddy bear graduate which they hugged.

“Keep this T-shirt with you until you graduate high school!  Each year, add your hand print on the back, above the school year. And in the year 2033, you will still remember how much I loved you, and you will remember that you learned how much Jesus loves you!” explained Gina Davison, kindergarten teacher.

Wayne Morrison, pastor of Brighton church and commencement speaker, reminded the students that even though you can’t see God, you know what He looks like because He loves you, and He knows your name, and you will know His voice. Pastor Wayne ended with a charge to the students to always stay in tune with Jesus and keep your child-like faith.

–Jodie Aakko is the principal of Brighton Adventist Academy; photo courtesy of Brighton Adventist Academy Facebook page.