By Jessyka Dooley–Ward, Colorado…The RMC 2019 Summer Camp team was blessed to be a part of eight campers baptisms. Marisol, Isabel, Charles, Kailee, Jeneane, Eowyn, Heath, and Freedom all made the incredible decision to give their lives to Jesus and chose to be baptized at summer camp! Our Assistant Camp Director, Eddie Hall, chose to be re-baptized at the end of summer camp surrounded by his summer camp family.

One parent shared a conversation with their child after camp. The camper said, “It’s the most I’ve learned about the Bible my whole life. I want to get baptized summer. Can i go again next year?”

We are so thankful to be a part of these incredible moments in kids lives. Making it easy for kids to know God is the best part of summer camp!

Jessyka Dooley, Camp Director; video supplied by Calvin Serban