By DeeAnn Bragaw–Denver, Colorado … From Gillette in Wyoming to La Vida Mission in New Mexico. That’s about as broad as we can get in Rocky Mountain Conference! And together, yet apart, last Sabbath we ‘met’ to pray. We praised, we surrendered, we interceded, and we praised again. We read scripture, we sang, and we prayed. We prayed for our families, our churches, our pastors, our front-line workers, our conference. We prayed over the sick, the vulnerable, the grieving.  We prayed for our schools, our camps, our hospitals. We prayed to minister to our communities in new ways.

We prayed, RMC. And that’s just the start! We’re praying more! We have more prayer calls and prayer zoom conferences. One group let me know that they have been praying especially for those who are not currently attending church. Then they decided that they should call those people. And … one of those phone calls resulted in a missing member expressing a desire to come back to the church.

We are praying, RMC. Together in prayer we boost each other’s courage and faith as we speak faith through the Word of God and intercede together. And our praying gives God extra space to work in the lives of those He’s already crazy about! Why not read through that list above and pray some more?

Reach out and let us know how God’s working and how we can pray for you and others – send your requests to [email protected] or text them to 303-243-1172.

RMC – Let’s pray!

DeeAnn Bragaw, RMC prayer ministry director