RMCNews with Shayne Vincent – Casper, Wyoming … The tranquility of a snowy, quiet Mills Spring Ranch campus was interrupted by giggles and excited shouts of children, along with warm fellowship on Valentine’s weekend as members of the Gillette and Casper churches gathered for the Wyoming Winter Retreat 2021.

The weekend was filled with the swish of skis and the crunch of snowshoes as groups spent time exploring the white-laden forest. Miles of groomed snowmobile trails called the adventurous and sledding hills trembled with delight awaiting those young and young at heart to begin their joyous descent. The evenings, spent in fellowship, abounded with snacks, games and relaxation.

There was also time to spend in God’s Word. Henry Johnson, pastor from the Carolina Conference, gave talks on finding our purpose in Christ from the book of Ephesians. Lyla McDonald, member of a local church, and youth from Union College provided children’s and youth activities along with classes on Sabbath.

Shayne Vincent, pastor of the Casper district recalls the weekend which was filled with fellowship, but also extreme cold. “It was 28 below zero! It was so cold Brent Learned, [camp director] struggled to keep the propane in the kitchen working. But the fellowship of 80+ attendees was warm, and the music was joyful.”

The winter retreat is sponsored annually by the Casper and Gillette churches along with the cooperation of Mills Spring Ranch. Vincent adds that the hard work involved in meeting during the winter is worth it. “While it takes a fair bit of work with all the snow and shuttling people in with side by sides, it is never without fun and spiritual growth.”

If you are interested in attending next year, please contact Mills Spring Ranch for details.

RMCNews with Shayne Vincent who is the pastor of the Casper, Wyoming district; photos supplied