By Tiffany Dien – Loveland, Colorado … It was a “sea of flannel” as students gathered for fun, films, and food at the annual Campion Academy student association (SA) fall party.

The party centered around a short film festival where students watched both funny and serious videos complied by those who had gathered and focused on the theme fall and rise.

“Odalis and her team’s video was my favorite because it had a lot of meaning behind someone going through rough times, and Odalis was a really good actor,” said Lexi Davenport, Campion freshman.

Students lined up for popcorn and cotton candy.

SA members prepared games, including corn hole, gunny sack races, whipped cream eating competition, and glow-in-the-dark tic-tac-toe.

“The games were so much fun! I liked getting candy for participating even though I didn’t win. Also, I had a five-minute winning streak in the whipped cream competition. It was so fun and yummy,” said Airi Nomura, Campion junior.

The photo booth was a popular stop as friends commemorated the night with memories to cherish.

Andy Obregon, Campion senior, commented, “My favorite part of the party was the picture taking. Most of us seniors like to take our precious time with the photos and the whole process of taking one. One photo was the funniest part of that night.”

The evening concluded with karaoke as students took turns trying to sing-along to their favorite songs.

The senior class kept the Campion tradition alive when they took to the stage to sing Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again.”

Nelly Salinas, senior, said, “I was so happy our entire class sang together; it was also sad because I realized that this is my last year with these amazing people who have changed my life.”

–Tiffany Dien, is a senior at Campion Academy; photo supplied.