Eva Resz – Loveland, Colorado … Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, hosted 45 students from seventh to eleventh grade in the annual Academy Days open house, October 13-15. The visiting students made Campion Academy their home for the weekend, some arriving from as far as Kansas and Nebraska, while others were local to Colorado.

Students met in the gym Friday morning and participated in several lively activities such as a basketball scrimmage, a donut-eating contest, and a wrecking-ball bouncy house.

Jessica Rios, Campion Academy enrollment specialist, planned the event along with the help of the Student Association (SA) leaders. Samuel Walton, SA spiritual vice president explained, “Going into the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised when every single event we planned out for the students went above and beyond my expectations. I’m blessed to be a part of SA; it’s events like this where I can show the love I have for my school.”

To show the visiting students Campion school spirit, and to hype up our varsity teams before heading to Union College tournaments, everyone came together for a pep rally on Friday in the gym. The girls and boys varsity teams ran into the gym, breaking through a banner while the crowd cheered. The rally included several musical performances from the jazz band, an inspirational speech from Campion’s athletic director, Randy Ottschofski, and games hosted by the Student Association.

Rios expressed her favorite part: “[It was] the pep rally because it really brought us all together. I saw our students really take Academy Days kids and include them in those activities. The visitors got to see the camaraderie between students.”

Part of Friday afternoon was also spent touring the campus and competing for academic, athletic, and music scholarship opportunities. Following the tour, the visiting students participated in a mini scramble, a Campion tradition, and an ice cream bar after dinner.

The student body concluded the day with vespers in the chapel and an afterglow where they crowded together singing praise songs in the Hankin’s Hall tower.

An important aspect of Academy Days is the opportunity for visitors to experience dorm life. Sharing their dorm rooms was a great opportunity for current students to connect with Academy Days students. Natalie Bryant, HMS eighth grader, reflected, “My favorite part of Academy Days was hanging out in the dorm. I had a lot of fun getting to know new people.”

Students began their Sabbath with music, an activity, and a worship thought for Sabbath School followed by the main church service. The music department provided all music for the service including performances from the orchestra, choir, and Koinonia.

After church, lunch was served, and the students communed together on center campus playing friendly games of soccer and volleyball. Several students took the opportunity to go on a Sabbath hike off campus as well.

To close the Sabbath, Pastor Ortiz of Campion Adventist Church and Academy, gave a short worship, and the Academy Days students received their scholarships. Victoria Matthews, HMS eighth grader, received first place in the girls basketball scholarship. She commented, “I felt happy and proud when I won. I also really wanted to thank my family and friends for all of their support!”

—Eva Resz, Campion Student News Team. Photos supplied.