Gwen Loney – Lincoln, Nebraska …  Mile High Academy (MHA) student athletes took off for the Union College Volleyball and Soccer Tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska, October 19-20.

The MHA girls volleyball team won all three of their games on the first day of the tournament. The MHA boys soccer team had a harder start to the tournament and lost both of their games. On the second day, both teams lost their games, but the boys soccer team ended their tournament on a high, beating Hinsdale Academy 2-1 on Saturday night.

The Union College Tournament is not just a time for competition, but it is also a time for students to meet other athletes from across the country. At the tournament, student athletes build long-lasting friendships and are given the opportunity to experience college life. While there, they toured the campus, lived the life of a college student, ate meals at the cafeteria, and stayed in the dorms.

The tournament also provided time to reconnect with peers. After service on Sabbath morning, participants headed to Holmes Lake, where they ate lunch, played on the playground, and were joined by alumni from around the Lincoln area who came to reconnect with MHA.

MHA athletic director Michael Camacho commented, “My favorite part of tournament is being able to spend time with our kids outside of school. Getting to see them excel in an area that they put a lot of time into over the season is very special to me as their coach. Watching them compete and make friends with our sister schools is the best part of my job by far.”

—Gwen Loney is a senior student at Mile High Academy. Photos supplied.