Sue Nelson – Loveland, Colorado … Weather conditions were ideal at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, for the annual Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) Pathfinder Fair, June 2.

Some 250 Pathfinders and staff members who came from 14 Pathfinder clubs were in attendance this year. A parade, under the guidance of Joel Dominguez, RMC Pathfinder Drill and March coordinator, started the fair and was led by the Loveland Cougars Pathfinder Club color guard and accompanied by the RMC Pathfinder Drum Corps. They were followed by the remaining Pathfinder clubs for the opening exercises.

Next, with much clapping and enthusiasm, came the Drill and March Competition, with about eight clubs participating. This was done on the pavement so that the steps could be heard to enhance the experience.

Several booths were set up in the gymnasium, showcasing the Pathfinder clubs’ handiwork throughout the year. Each booth reflected the Pathfinder theme for the year “Be the Difference.” Ribbons were given for their crafts, and special ribbons were given for categories such as “Overall Booth Design,” “Nature Display,” “Working Demo,” “Floats/Bicycles,” and more.

Traditionally, Pathfinder teen representatives have been chosen at the annual Pathfinder Leadership Convention usually held in September. But, with the updates to the constitution, that was changed this year. “Teen representatives” and “assistant teen representatives” were voted on at the fair by all the teens present.

Seven teens expressed interest in becoming representatives. The “senior” representatives voted in are Jamie Mira from the Denver South Hispanic Lion of Judah Pathfinder Club and Saul Acevedo from the Pecos Rocky Mountain Stallions Pathfinder Club. They will represent all the teens in the conference.

The incoming assistant representatives, Carissa Rodriguez from the Loveland Cougars Pathfinder Club and Brandon Rocha from the Denver South Hispanic Lion of Judah Pathfinder Club, are joining Celeste Rodriguez from the Loveland Cougars Pathfinder Club, who will remain an assistant while going off to college.

Not only will these teens sit on the council, but they take part in the planning and presenting of all the conference events throughout the year. They often go on to become church leaders, pastors, and volunteers in many of our church’s ministries.

Brent Learned, RMC Club Ministries director, remarked, “It was a blessing to have pathfinders from across our conference proudly displaying all they have accomplished this year, building relationships with other clubs, and seeing so many teens excited to lead and represent their peers by running for teen representative and assistant teen representative leadership positions.”

It is important to note that the “outgoing” teen representatives Clemente Martinez, Jr. and Kariany Ortiz, as well as other past teen reps, are encouraged to remain as part of the club ministries family. It is the hope of the RMC Club Ministries’ leadership that they might continue and become Master Guides, becoming our future Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders.

Yamiley Gonzalez, previous teen representative, commented, “This year at fair, I am excited for the future of teen reps. More and more come every day and want to experience the leadership of [being a] teen rep. I am overjoyed with the candidates this year. I see it in them, that they want to help and be a part of something big. ‘When you walk through the water, I will be with you.’ Isaiah 43:2.”

After lunch was served from several food booths outside, the Pathfinder clubs took their stamp cards to 11 different stations, which included Pine Car Races, Giant Human Cat’s Cradle, Pancake Flip, Nature ID, Soccer Croquet, among others. Campion Academy provided a service project and tour of the campus for those interested. Once their cards were all stamped from the various stations, the Pathfinders received a prize.

Participants eagerly awaited the presentation of trophies by the end of the afternoon. Those clubs who earned at least 2000 points for turning in required reports during the year, were rewarded with a special trophy that reflected the theme to add to their trophy cases back at their respective churches.

Mic Thurber, RMC president, reflected, “It was a joy to see the energy and determination of our Pathfinders and their leaders. They had a fun day, but they took their responsibility seriously and did their best whether marching in the parade or participating in one of the field activities. We are so blessed as a Conference to have young people with such enthusiasm, energy, creativity, and devotion to Jesus in our ranks. I’m so proud of our Pathfinders!”

RMC Club Ministries leadership extends deep gratitude to Jodie Gage and David Hopkins, RMC Pathfinder coordinators and all the staff and teens that worked so hard to make this year’s fair a success!

—Sue Nelson is the RMC Club Ministries executive coordinator. Photos by Barry Manembu and Mic Thurber.