Cinthya Miranda and Lacinda Hopkins – Loveland, Colorado … Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the drums starting the parade lead by Joel Dominguez, the Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) drum master, followed by 200 little feet. Adventurers Fun Day had begun!

RMC held their annual Adventure Fun Day at Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, May 5. Each May as the school year ends, the RMC Adventurer Fun Day brings the Adventurer clubs together from around the Conference for a day of fun, activities, learning, fellowship, and friendship.

As parade participants approached the parade entrance, their smiles and excitement could be felt by parade attendees. “Seeing all the Adventurers come together, you just can’t help but smile and have your heart be a kid again for just a day!” commented an event organizer.

The Montrose Hispanic Rockies Adventurer Club impressed the crowd with a train containing the “Adventurers’ Law,” the Colorado Indonesian Brave Sparrows Adventurer Club brought “Daniel and Lions,” and the Pecos Hispanic Telaim Adventurer Club walked a wagon with the RMC Club Ministry’s theme “Be the Difference.”

Korine Jensen, mother of Adventurer club member, Andy, said that he had told her, “Fun Day was AWESOME mom; I want to do this next year!” She continued, “that makes my heart happy!!”

During the opening program, Leandro Bizama, associate pastor of Worship and Evangelism at the Campion Seventh-day Adventist Church in Loveland, Colorado, led the kids in song with his guitar in an original song he created for this year’s Adventurer theme. “We honestly felt the goosebumps as we sang that song altogether ‘Let us shine in this world full of darkness, sharing Jesus to those around us,’” commented one attendee.

Ruth Lagos, Adventurer club director of the Colorado Springs Central Pikes Peak Adventurer Club, shared a devotional with her puppet friend about the year’s theme also during the opening program.

Classes at the event were led by Christina Hernandez, Pathfinders teen coordinator, Lizeth Tapia, assistant director of Children’s Ministry at the Greeley Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church in Greeley, Colorado, Nataly Lerma, Northeastern Colorado Adventurer area coordinator, and Eli Gonzalez, RMC Club Ministries executive coordinator in-training.

During the classes, Cinthya Miranda, RMC Adventurer coordinator, witnessed a scene that captured her heart. Marcos R., member of the Longmont Thunder Adventurers Club, escorted fellow club member, Liam G., back to the bug race table. Marcos, one of the winners of the race, pleaded with the judges to let Liam race again. The judges explained that it wouldn’t be fair to other kids, so Marcos hugged Liam and said, “it’s OK, you are a winner too.” Kara F., member of the Loveland Cougars Adventurer Club, also approached Miranda to say, “Thank you.”

Caleb Q., member of the Pecos Hispanic Telaim Adventurer Club, shared his experienced: “I loved the obstacle course station. I really liked my prize whistle. I was crying because I wanted a toy, and an Adventurer asked me why I was crying? I told him [it was] because I wanted a toy and he told me ‘I’ll give you one, I have two.’” That Adventurer applied the “Be the Difference” theme even at Fun Day.

The bug beauty contest was a popular event at this year’s Fun Day. There were many beautifully made bugs entered, and there were bugs entered in the bug races.

The Loveland Cougars, Longmont Thunder, and Franktown Fireflies Pathfinders clubs and teen representatives came to help with security, overseeing the bouncy house, and the obstacle course. Hanna B., a youth from LifeSource Adventist Fellowship, stated, “I appreciated winning a trophy and selling popsicles.” Haddie B., also a youth from LifeSource, said, “I liked the obstacle course and the bouncy house!”

The Bible Memory Verse table, where kids have a chance to recite verses that they have memorized over the past year to reinforce the theme of the year, was another part of Fun Day. This year’s winners of the Bible memory verses impressed the judges by perfectly reciting all verses. “Everyone did an amazing job, and we are proud of each one of them! What impressed us the most was 4-year-old, Emma L., from the Greeley Nazareo Adventurer Club. Her ability to memorize all those Bible verses blew our mind,” commented an event organizer.

There was also a table for the Adventurers to make cards that will be distributed in one of the regional Adventist hospitals. Organizers of the event strive to always include a spiritual aspect in Fun Day, referencing the Bible verse Matthew 18:3: And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

The Golden Falcons Adventurer Club director, Beth Riley, commented, “Fun Day was absolutely amazing! The children had a fantastic time getting to enjoy the day with other clubs. They put in so much effort with their bugs and had a blast participating in races and contests.”

“Witnessing their excitement, from the parade to receiving their trophies was truly heartwarming,” she continued. “A huge thank you to all the hardworking leaders who made this day possible.”

The RMC Adventurer and event leadership extend their gratitude to everyone that participated and helped.

—Cinthya Miranda is the RMC Adventurers coordinator and Lacinda Hopkins is the RMC Adventurers coordinator in-training and Wyoming Area Adventurers coordinator. Photos supplied.