By Barbara Parrott

Rocky Mountain Conference staff members, along with other friends and family, continue to remember the legacy of Gerry Chapman, director of trust services. Born and raised in Loma Linda, CA, he spent more than 43 years in pastoral ministry in Iowa, Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois.

His pastoral ministry continued even as director of trust services for the Rocky Mountain Conference, beginning in 1997, when he served as interim pastor for Denver South Church and as a Sabbath School teacher and membership clerk. He considered it a privilege and an honor to serve.

A memorial service was held February 7, 2015 at Denver South Church where he held membership during his sojourn in Colorado. Gerry was honored for his many years of faithful service, which continued in spite of his own battle with illness.

His colleagues have commented on the strength he showed, never missing a day of work until his last two weeks. “It was apparent to all of his co-workers,” shares Bill Hay, associate to Gerry, “that Gerry was a man of strict integrity. He placed faithfulness to his convictions and responsibilities ahead of everything else on earth. It mattered not what others thought, he would always remain true.”

Gerry’s pastor, Ramon Ulangca says, “Gerry’s legacy of service in the Rocky Mountain Conference was one of total commitment and sacrifice for the cause of Christ and the welfare of His church. His quiet demeanor masked a steely resolve based on clear convictions that consistently guided every decision he made. As a pastoral colleague and friend, I will always cherish the memory of his unwavering support and wise encouragement of my ministry.”

Rick and Joan Rosvall give an example of Gerry’s dedication to his clients: “Gerry was a very caring and out-of-the-ordinary servant.” He delivered comforting words at Joan’s mother’s funeral, performed our marriage ceremony and administered all four of our parents’ trusts. We can’t say enough great things about what this man did for us. Gerry was a beacon of light and we will always miss him.”

Gerry’s passing was a great loss for the staff of the Rocky Mountain Conference and an even greater loss for his family. Our prayers continue for those who survive him; his mother, Margaret Chapman; wife, Pat Chapman; daughter and son- in-law Jennifer and Eric Bishop; son and daughter-in-law Patrick and Emily Chapman; and grandchildren Ava, Olivia and Allison.

–Barbara Parrott is RMC director of property and trusts.