By Annette Treat

“We have a visitor today!” Excitement charged through the classroom like a bolt of lightning. Who was it? When would they be here? The students awaited the visitor with eager anticipation.

Before the visitor* arrived, Mrs. Annette Treat told her students a little bit about him; like where he was from, that he worked for the church, and that he wrote stories about people who lived their lives for Jesus and how Jesus touched their lives. She also told her students that he was traveling many, many miles to come and visit them, especially them. She taught them how to welcome him when he arrived, how to listen respectfully while he spoke, and how to thank him for coming.

The children were delighted when he arrived with snacks in hand for each one of them! He explained how he had stopped by the health food store and purposefully chosen healthy snacks to bring them. He even had a variety for the children to pick from.

While the children enjoyed the snacks, The visitor told them a story. He told them about where he was from and about the people there. He told them about the importance of being truthful and being YOU! Most of all, he told them to remember that their behavior is being watched by others. That even their parents, teachers, and friends are watching them and forming an opinion about what kind of person they are. He wanted the children to understand how important it is to lead by example. Others will know you by your behavior, what kind of person you are.

Before leaving, Mr. Dabrowski had a special prayer with the teachers and students, praying specifically for them. He lingered a bit longer and chatted easily with them before moving on with his day.

The love that the visitor showed to the students and teachers at SonShine Academy that day will last until his next visit. The genuine desire to spend time with them and share Jesus with them was seen and felt by all. “Mr. Dabrowski, I think we know what kind of person you are!”

—Annette Treat is the head teacher at SonShine Academy in Worland, Wyoming. Photo provided.

*Rajmund Dabrowski traveled to SonShine Academy, which was a joy to him.