By Ashley Herber — Loveland, Colorado … For most of us, self-isolation means staying home with family, but that is not the case for many of Campion Academy’s international students. Before last Friday, there were 14 international students staying in the dorms, two girls and 12 boys, as well as others staying with local host families. Thanks to the help of friends in Brazil, the Brazilian students were all able to go home over the weekend. Duda De Oliveira, a sophomore, said, “I feel really excited to go home, but at the same time I’m sad to leave the deans that were taking care of us.”

There are now only three Chinese international students staying in the dorm. To help pass the time, Rain Li, a senior from China, said, “I play video games with other people, watch videos, and have class.” Mrs. Fagan cooks for the students and they are able to go outside on center campus to enjoy some fresh air.

Gregory Lang, a freshman from China, commented, “It is definitely weird because you never see anyone. We have to clean every day. We have breakfast, lunch, supper, and online classes and a lot of homework.”

Being away from home is especially hard right now. Before she left to go home to Brazil, Duda De Oliveira reflected, “It’s really sad. Everyone else is with their family. We are here with the deans, and the deans are taking care of us really well, but I miss my family and I wish they could take care of me. If something happens, I won’t be there. My mom is a nurse and she has been in contact with a doctor who had the coronavirus. I thank God she has no symptoms, but it’s hard and I wish I could be with her.”

Yan Silva, a sophomore from Brazil, shared with me before he left that “it’s sad and hard because I miss my family so much.”

Jarrod Lang, a freshman from China, said, “I miss home and I’m feeling homesick.”

The Chinese students don’t know what this summer will look like, if they will be able to go home or have to find housing. Some students are still trying to get a ticket home where they will have to be quarantined. Other students who were able to go home, like Airi Nomura, a sophomore from Japan, are now having to do online school through Campion while dealing with a huge time difference. Please keep these students and their families in your prayers during this difficult and uncertain time.

Ashley Herber is Student Editor at This Week at Campion; photos supplied