Boulder, Colorado … Dr. Mark B. Johnson, Executive Director of Jefferson County Public Health, was presented with the American College of Preventive Medicine’s Distinguished Service Award at their annual meeting on Friday, June 26. The award comes after his more than 30 years in membership and service of the ACPM. See the full story here.

Referred to as a “public health icon,” in September 2019 Dr. Johnson, won the Lifetime Achievement Award from Public Health of the Rockies. Among Johnson’s achievements in his role as a public health expert was helping to write and pass the Colorado Public Health Act in 2008, ensuring that “core public health services are available to every person in Colorado.”

Commenting for NewsNuggets, Johnson said, “I feel extremely fortunate that my Boards of Health during my tenure have encouraged and supported my work with my medical specialty society as well as our state public health and medical organizations. This has allowed me to keep up with what is going on and be involved in these fields both at the state level and nationally.”

Together with the Boulder Adventist Church, where Johnson serves as its Vision Board chair and is a popular lay preacher and facilitator in The Journey Connect Group, and the Rocky Mountain Conference, we join Dr. Johnson in celebrating his achievement in sharing a health vision affecting our daily life in Colorado and beyond.

He is married to Diane and they have two adult children and three granddaughters. They live in Louisville, Colorado.

–RMCNews with Becky De Oliveira