Grand Junction, Colorado … The sanctuary doctrine was the focus of a recent lay pastor’s training weekend held at the Grand Junction Church.

The purpose of the training was not to make “pastors” but to help people hear what God is calling them to do and to give them the tools and resources that they need to do it. Each training weekend includes a practical ministry topic and a theological focus.

The practical ministry focus goal for the weekend was for every attendee to give a short sermon. Then, each had an opportunity to share something positive that the speaker did in their preparation and their delivery of the message.

“(I) enjoyed the opportunity to ‘practice’ our presentation. I learned logical, as well as more specific hints on how to successfully speak to groups,” Sandi Adcox, lay pastor trainee, said

Through studying the sanctuary truth, the gathering discovered how God revealed Himself and the plan of salvation through the sanctuary and learned about many of the deeper things of God and the distance He is willing to go to save His people.

Sandy Carosella, another lay pastor trainee, said that this training was, “So very revealing [of] things we have always heard, but not to this depth or detail. It was so very exciting. I can’t get enough.”

The Denver cohort of lay pastor training met at Denver South on September 11 – 13 for their training, where 19 had gathered.

“In the past I was preaching many sermons. But this training really taught me how to prepare and organize including the layout of sermons. To preach effectively the word of God in the church or the community,” Jones Tuufuli, lay pastor trainee from Colorado Springs, said.

–Grand Junction newsletter; photo supplied