Herbert Hernandez – Northglenn, Colorado … The Northglenn Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Company in Northglenn, Colorado, celebrated a great blessing by becoming an organized church in the Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC), February 24. Ruben Rivera, RMC Hispanic Ministries coordinator, and Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director, were in attendance to facilitate the proceedings.

The Northglenn Hispanic Church started back in March of 2003 with two main families leading the way along with pastor Carlos Torres. They were able to find a small church who was willing to let them use their building and began a wonderful journey.

The Northglenn Hispanic Church is now blessed to meet with their fellow Chapel Haven Seventh-day Adventist family in their church building, and this has been a great blessing towards their growth and stability.

Over the years, the Northglenn Hispanic Church has grown from 15 people to now more than 60 members.

During the Sabbath celebration, people shared how they came to be part of our church and how God has continued to move in their lives. The celebration was filled with praise, testimony, and gratitude. After the service, attendees enjoyed a wonderful meal together as the church continued to share and reminisce about the wonderful work God has done.

One of the original members shared, “God definitely had a plan for us when we first came together, and I cannot wait to see how he continues to lead us in the future.”

—Herbert Hernandez is lead pastor of the Northglenn Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Church. Photos by Norma Bacahui and Miriam Ramirez.