By Mickey Mallory — Loveland, Colorado … A group of fourteen high school students gathered on May 5 at Campion church to sit down and discuss and ask questions about full time church ministry in the future.

The meeting, called Next Gen Pastors was an innovative initiative by the North America Division, in an attempt to recruit young people for full-time church ministry.

Students appreciated the willingness of ministers, both current and retired, to take the time and talk with them.

Campion Academy senior Jayden Anggormas shared that “it was an eye-opening experience and I enjoyed it very much. It was amazing to receive advice from other Pastors and it continued to motivate me to pursue ministry. I would love to see more involvement in years to come. It reminds me that God will put people in my life to help me pursue His work.”

Shelby Waller, Campion Academy junior also appreciated the helpful discussion. “The Next Gen Pastor’s meeting was really helpful to me. It helped me realize that there are lots of pastors that are willing to mentor me and walk beside me. This meeting really encouraged me to go forward in my goal to become a chaplain because I know that both God and a pastor, can and will be by my side the whole time.”

The panel involved the Campion church pastors, Dick Stenbakken, retired military chaplain, and Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director.  Students asked questions which included: How do you know you are called to full-time ministry; What can you do right now to help prepare for a life calling; What schooling do you need to prepare for full-time ministry; and how do you go about finding a ministry position once you are done with your education.

For Campion lead pastor Micheal Goetz, he was encouraged by the student’s questions. He remarked, “It was surreal for me to see 14 high school students come to have their questions answered about serving God in some kind of full-time ministry. It was for me in high school when a pastor took a moment one Wednesday evening to answer my questions that I first thought the service of a pastor could be God’s calling on me. To be at a place to pass it on was humbling.”

Beginning next school year, the dream is to provide ongoing support for students who feel called to full-time ministry at Campion church. They would involve not only meetings with guest presenters, but also job training where students would be given the chance to experiment with the gifts that God has given them.

If you know of a high school student who is interested in full-time ministry and would benefit from future Next Gen Meetings, please email Pastor Micheal Goetz at [email protected]

–Mickey Mallory is RMC ministerial director; photos supplied