In the Fall Issue:

Church. Bastion of Honesty and Openness Ed Barnett
Playing Nice With Diverse Opinions in Our Churches Ron Price
Are You for Real? Reinder Bruinsma
A Community of the Stumbling Hopeful Barry Casey
Inevitable or Prophetic? Nathan Brown
Faking Authenticity: The Trouble With Laodicea Dany Hernandez
Decisions, Decisions . . . Joshua De Oliveira
Step Away from the Authenticity Becky De Oliveira
Defend the Tradition Jessyka Dooley
Masks Shayne Mason Vincent
Open Purses Doug Inglish
Poems: Habakkuk and Across the Chasms . . .Viki Blisserd-Carrick
Parents Baptizing Children, Members Baptizing Friends Andy Nash
Like the Velveteen Rabbit Carol Bolden
Daring to Be Yourself Rajmund Dabrowski

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