In the Winter Issue

Many Faces, One Body – Ed Barnett
Join Justice With Mercy  – Reinder Bruinsma
Was Jesus a Socialist? –  Barry Casey
Social Justice Through Sabbath Observance  – Zdravko Plantak
Politics and Social Justice  – Andre Wang
More Than Equality –  Nathan Brown
The Lost Black Sheep –  Cryston Josiah
Is Silence a Sin?  – Tony Hunter
No Quarantine from Equality –  Jessyka and Kiefer Dooley
A Sin of Racial Prejudice –  Shawn Brace
The Culture Proxy War  – Shayne Mason Vincent
Doing Better – Becky De Oliveira
Ellen White and Social Justice– John Skrzypaszek
Confessions of a Social Justice Warrior –  Dany Hernandez
When the Wealthy Go Begging –  Doug Inglish
My Mother Was a Social Activist –  Rajmund Dabrowski

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