In the Winter Issue:

No Strangers to Generosity and Gratitude Ed Barnett
Liberal Giving George Crumley
The Things That Bless Us All Doug Inglish
It’s All God’s Money Mark Witas
RMC Schools Need Our Attention Lonnie Hetterle
When a Stranger Wanders In Shayne Mason Vincent
We Are a Community of Strangers Nathan Brown
Knowing Us As Strangers Barry Casey
The Warmest Welcome Becky De Oliveira
Strangers to Ourselves Kiefer Dooley
Us and Everyone Else Ron Price
A Church of Outward Message and Action Michael Morss
Where Life Begins Carol Bolden
The Bus Stop Heather Thompson Day
Understanding Christ’s Resurrection Nathaniel Gamble
That Day I Felt Like a Stranger Rajmund Dabrowski

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