In the Summer Issue


Is Your Religion in Name Only? Ed Barnett
A Ministry of Presence Dick Stenbakken
Armchair Adventists James Moon
Mind the Gap Barry Casey
Great Expectations Japhet De Oliveira
Closing the Gap Between Truth and Truth Shawn Brace
Master Tweaker Is Needed David Brillhart
An Inconvenient Truth—Adventist Edition Tony Hunter
What a Curse! Dany Hernandez
How Do My Beliefs Matter in Real Life? Reinder Bruinsma
Brilliant in Its Simplicity Adam Grześkowiak
Of Charity and Justice Nathan Brown
I Was a Know-It-All Bible Nerd Bob McAlpine
Where Is the Evidence for Your Beliefs? Ron Price
Do My Words Match My Actions? Karla Klemm
Should Becky De Oliveira
Fat and Ugly Emi Is Looking for Love Rajmund Dabrowski


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