In the Summer Issue:

Church Outreach in New Attire by Eric Nelson
Church Planting Does Not Happen Overnight by Godfrey Miranda
Youth for Youth: Church for a New Generation by Gary Thurber
Communicating the Gospel in 2016 by Reinder Bruinsma
Experimental Outreach in Europe by Victor Hulbert
Boulder Needs Some Good News! by Mark B. Johnson, MD, MPH
Creating an Environment for Outreach by David Kennedy
Give Birth to Baby Churches by Jose Cortes, Jr
Decaf Evangelism by Jessyka Albert
What Does It Mean to Be Healthy? by Mark Herlinger
Friendship Wins—So Does the Church by Carol Bolden
Adventist Community Services Gets a Facelift by Debbie Jackson
Reflecting the Character of God Through Health by Rick Mautz
Time to Start Estate Planning by Julio R. Arias
Going Home by Katie Morrison
Clutterful Nostalgia by Rajmund Dabrowski


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