In the Spring Issue:

A Real Church is a Relevant Church by Ed Barnett
The Spiritually Relevant Life by Ron Price
Church Image by Rajmund Dabrowski
Too Young to Lead? by Jessyka Albert
Adventism’s Identity Crisis by Jim Wibberding
Welcoming All by Elia King
Relevant in 2016 by Mitch Williams
Responsibilities, Tasks, and Intentionality by Craig Carr
How Relevant is Your Health? by Rick Mautz
Helping the Homeless in Boulder by Joshua De Oliveira
Healing the Body by Tending the Spirit by Jude Keller
GHI Celebrates Ten Years of Impacting Global Health
Learn and Teach: Bible Studies at Campion Academy by Carol Bolden
Church-Hopping in Europe by Katie Morrison
Sweet Scent of Ego by Rajmund Dabrowski

Editorial Team:

Editor: Rajmund Dabrowski [email protected]
Design: Becky De Oliveira [email protected]
Managing Editor: Carol Bolden [email protected]
President: Ed Barnett [email protected]
Executive Secretary: Eric Nelson [email protected]
Treasurer: George Crumley [email protected]