By RMCNews – Denver, Colorado … Darin Gottfried joined RMC as vice president of finance at the beginning of September, bringing with him more than 13 years of experience in accounting and budget management.

Transitioning from the Kansas-Nebraska Conference where he served as vice president of finance for the last six years, getting to know the members of RMC is a priority for Gottfried in the coming months.  He wants to fellowship and socialize with the congregations. “I want to get to know people and spend time with them on Sabbath,” remarked Gottfried.

“I’m hoping I can see what works and get an understanding because I know the Western slope, the Front Range, and Wyoming–they’re all going to do ministry differently. It’s finding out the best way to [support them financially] in each of those areas, whether that’s schools, pastors, or evangelism.”

Ministry is at the center of Gottfried’s mission and focus. “My intent as treasurer is to set aside reserves as required by the North American Division, and then everything after that should be spent for what it is given for. We’re not here to hold tithe money. We’re here to spend tithe for what its purpose is, and that’s ministry happening in the conference. Every penny that comes in beyond what we have to keep in reserves by policy needs to be spent in ministry. My goal is always to find the best way to do ministry in our conference, and that looks different everywhere.”

The new treasurer is going through piles of documents left for him by George Crumley, former RMC vice president of finance. It will take him a while to grasp the treasury needs of the Conference. But what gives Gottfried hope is RMC’s long history of being fiscally responsible in not only building up reserves but also in the spending of available funds to support ministry building on the foundation George Crumley left.

He is concerned about many issues affecting the members of RMC and the country as a whole.

“Times are changing, laws as far as employment get harder every year, tithe often struggles to keep up with inflation. And that’s always a concern as well as how we can continue to do the same ministry when the value of the dollar is decreasing.”

However, the main concern for Gottfried is how to get the best ministry out of funds. “What works on the Front Range may not work in Wyoming. How do we adjust and reach those areas? How do we interact with those different cultures and meet them where they are.”

He wants members to know that the conference is doing well financially, considering the challenging situation the country is going through. “Tithe is up 13.83% over last year; Rocky Mountain Conference Advance is up 4.93% for the first time in four years. I want to say thank you for generously supporting RMC and the ministry that is happening,” Gottfried said.

–RMCNews; photo by Jon Roberts