RMCNews with Mickey Mallory – Pastors from around the Rocky Mountain Conference gathered on Zoom for a two-day retreat that not only reenergized them, but provided seminars by various speakers to encourage the ministers who have, like many, been dealing with the challenges of the on-going pandemic.

Among the many seminars which refreshed RMC ministers was the presentation by Dr. Ranko Stefanović, professor of New Testament Studies at Andrews University Seminary who “gave a refresher class on The Revelation of Jesus Christ” according to one minister.

“I sat at the feet of Dr. Stefanović in both my undergraduate and seminary studies. I was refreshed to hear [his] presentations on [The Book of] Revelation,” Nestor Soriano, associate pastor of the Campion church said.

Frank Fournier, pastor of Eden Valley church commented on Dr. Stefanović’ presentations, saying, “The books of Daniel and Revelation and his expert commentary excited me. I found every aspect discussed interesting and relevant. Mostly, it awakened in me a sense of humility. There definitely is more going on than I have ever understood.”

The meetings also included a chance for those who gathered to check in and fellowship with each other even if only through a computer screen.

“It was great being able to see everyone’s faces again. Having gone through the pandemic for almost a year now, just to see everyone alive and functioning was truly a miracle of God’s grace,” Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director said.

Ed Barnett, RMC president, who concluded the meetings with a message of appreciation and encouragement, appreciated that an invitation was given to Dr. Stefanović to share his scholarship and inspire the pastors. “Over the years, I have preached and presented outreach programs on the messages of both Daniel and Revelation. Dr. Stefanović makes his commentary fresh and relevant. It was a treat to have him meet with our ministers and to listen to him.”

Pastors are looking forward to when the pandemic is over and people can safely gather together.

“I have been very impressed with their resiliency during such a difficult time in the history of this country. None of them, including myself, ever had a class on how to do ministry during a pandemic, but yet they have made the best of things–trying to make a difference in spite of the challenging times,” Mallory commented.

Steve Nelson, pastor of Cody Church district, Wyoming, commented: “God truly blessed this year’s ministry meetings with wonderful devotionals and stirring presentations.”

–RMCNews with Mickey Mallory who is RMC ministerial director