RMCNews – Aurora, Colorado … The Mile High Indonesian (MHI) Fellowship celebrated its first Sabbath as a church, November 4. “Today brought us so much joy and fulfillment, watching everything that God is doing at Mile High Indonesian Fellowship,” remarked Albert Palar, church Elder.

People from across the country joined in the celebration and watched as the charter members signed the document establishing the church. MHI Fellowship had been voted from company to church designation at the last Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) Executive Committee Meeting, October 17.

Doug Inglish, RMC vice president for administration, gave the sermon for the Sabbath on the Second Coming, and Mickey Mallory, RMC Ministerial director, provided the dedication prayer.

Charles Dien, also a church Elder, commented, “God is moving at our Church, and it was such a blessing to celebrate with everyone and the leaders of the RMC Conference.”

The service also included several musical selections. The MHI Fellowship is currently renting church space at the St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Aurora, Colorado. They graciously invited the music director of the Presbyterian church to provide a musical number at the service. Following the service was an extensive meal of Indonesian cuisine.

“[We are] so thankful for everyone involved in making this celebration happen,” remarked Theron Mamanua, church Elder.

—RMCNews. Photos by Susan Inglish.