By Paulette Yaple – Cheyenne, Wyoming … Did you know the first text message was sent in 1844? This was one of many interesting facts attendees of “Media on the Brain” seminar, held recently at the Cheyenne Adventist church, discovered.

The gathering, attended by some 34 visitors and 79 members, featured guest presenter Scott Ritsema, director of Belt of Truth ministries.

The three-part seminar included presentations titled: How to Escape the Pleasure Trap; Transformed by the Renewing of Our Minds; Conformed to the Counterfeit Reality.  The presentations focused on being careful with the media we consume.

“The Media on the Brain [seminar] was powerful because it was filled with facts and truth, especially for this day and age. There is media surrounding us constantly, and it is targeting children at younger and younger ages all the time. This is a very important topic for all ages. It shows that everyone is affected by media, unlike some who claim otherwise. And it is so helpful to have a godly world perspective on this popular topic,” Danielle Suckut, Cheyenne member and deaconess explained.

Bill Nixon, pastor of Cheyenne district echoed Suckut’s comments, “Scott Ritsema’s messages were both thought-provoking and eye-opening. Because our spiritual health is determined, in large part, by the media we consume, we would be a much stronger church if we heeded his recommendations.”

Cheyenne members have implemented a visitation program to follow up with the visitors who attended the seminar.

Who sent that first text message in 1844? Samuel Morse sent the message “What Hath God Wrought” via telegraph.

–Paulette Yaple is communication secretary for the Cheyenne church; photo supplied