Welcome to the LIFT training program. LIFT stands for Listen – Inspire – Facilitate – Transform (Jesus Way of Coaching)

The LIFT training is below in 4 steps

  1. Choose INSTRUCTIONS for self learning, trainer instructors and Facilitation questions
  2. LIFT workbook – This workbook goes along with the PowerPoints and Video, The Workbook pages will be noted on the bottom of the PP slide if there is one.
    You will need to print out the Workbook or download on another device if you want to follow along during the video or PP.
  3. PowerPoint – this is the LIFT PowerPoint alone, that you can use with your own words to present in a live training session.
  4.  LIFT Training Videos- There are 7 videos on labeled below. They use the PowerPoints for those who want to know what the author would say in the training.

We request that you use the survey to respond with your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this training tool.

1 - Introduction

4 - Discovery

7 - Prevention

2- Questions

5 - Smart Goals

Full Length Video

3 - Listen

6 - Principles