By Samantha Nelson – Cody, Wyoming … For the first time at the Cody, Wyoming church, there is an official Pathfinder club–The Cody Cowboys.

The Pathfinder group held its induction ceremony on October 30.  The club was organized with five Pathfinders and two teen leadership trainees. The Cody Cowboys includes all the children and teens that are age-eligible for Pathfinders involved.

“I’m excited to be a member of the Cody Cowboys Pathfinder club! I get to learn new skills, spend time with fellow believers my age, and strengthen my personal relationship with God,” Cowboy Pathfinder Eric expressed.

The ceremony, organized by club director Hardy Tyson, included a candle-lighting ceremony for each of the Pathfinder levels, explanations on the meaning of the law and pledge by assistant club director Anita Holdren, and a brief message by Steve Nelson, pastor of the Cody district.

Commenting on why being involved in the club is important, teen leadership trainee Cedar said, “Pathfinders is a great way to help me to keep God in the center of my life.”

After all the candles were lit and the pledge and law were recited and explained, each Pathfinder was officially welcomed into the club.

Commenting on the Cody Church Facebook post about the ceremony, Debra Barlow recalled how important a Pathfinder club is. “Being in Pathfinders kept me safe, informed, spiritually connected to Jesus, and it was lots of fun. Good luck to those kids; this world has its challenges. Hopefully, they will be the victors through Jesus!”

Currently, the Cowboys are working on a knot honor and memorizing the Pathfinder song, law, and pledge. They are looking forward to being ready for the 2024 International Camporee in Gillette, Wyoming.

–Samantha Nelson is the Cody Cowboys Pathfinder Club secretary/treasurer; photos by Loralei Jeffers and Samantha Nelson