RMCNews – Denver, Colorado … “To you, this is another staff meeting, but to me, this is a big deal,” Mic Thurber said to the conference office staff at the beginning of their monthly meeting, September 7.

Meeting the staff officially for the first time, Thurber chaired the meeting.  After a worship thought by Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director, the new president began by sharing how he is eager to start his ministry in the RMC territory.

Thurber stated that when new leadership arrives, there is often anxiety among the staff concerned about how this change will affect them.  Thurber explained his leadership style comes down to “I work for you,” referring to the fact he is not a micro-manager.

He said he has a pastor’s heart and sees his role as president to be the office staff senior pastor. “I’m still a pastor,” commented Thurber.

The staff was able to meet for the first time Darin Gottfried, RMC vice-president for finance.  Gottfried shared how he is looking forward to getting settled in their new home in a few weeks and looking forward to getting to know the staff and church members.

Jana Thurber, the new RMC women’s and prayer ministries director attended the meeting and meet the staff.  Jana also explained she is looking forward to also filling a new position of ministerial spousal support.

Several staff expressed their joy in welcoming Thurber and Gottfried while appreciating Doug Inglish, vice-president for administration, for his maintaining the RMC ship these past few weeks.

The meeting closed with a renewed emphasis by Thurber explaining evangelism in RMC starts in our community by being loving and caring neighbors.

–RMCNews; photos by Rajmund Dabrowski and Jon Roberts