RMCNews with John Boone – Ward, Colorado … The campers are back! We are mid-week in our first session of the summer with Explore Camp, ages eight through ten, and the reports are coming in … wait … they’re in. The kids are loving being at a camp

In just a matter of hours, Glacier View Ranch was transformed into a hive of joy and energy. “It was cool to hear the camp come alive again,” said Kimberly Hansen, summer camp nurse coordinator.

For many this is their first experience at camp but parents prepared them for the experience. “My little Rosey went off to camp this past Sunday for the first time.  It is a big deal to go to camp for the first time.   To prepare her we have been having what I like to call, ‘camp chats.’  We discuss everything from friendships, to hygiene, to taking care of your personal belongings, to dressings appropriately for the weather, eating healthfully, and listening to her counselor. It is our job as parents to equip our children with the best possible advice,” Alise Weber, parent of an Explorer camper said.

Campers are having a great time experiencing GVR. “Archery was so fun,” commented an attendee staying in Blackfoot cabin.

Another cabin mate was overheard saying, “Jesus, we hope You have fun with us today.”

It’s hard to believe that is has been two years since campers have been at GVR, but now they are making up for lost time. There are 77 campers at GVR. They have been playing games, making new friends, watching skits, learning about Jesus, and even sharing His love themselves. The 2021 camp is Fully Alive and the kids are having the best summer ever!

To learn more about spots available in future weeks, go to RMCYouth.org/camp

RMCNews and John Boone who is GVR’s camp PR and marketing intern; photo by Calvin Serban