By Sandi Adcox – Grand Junction, Colorado … SAGE, the senior ministry of the Grand Junction church, is building relationships in the community by offering watercolor painting classes.

The small classes of 12 individuals have provided a safe way to gather during the pandemic.

Classes began in March of 2020 and are offered in four-week sessions. Many fill to capacity and there is often a waiting list of individuals wanting to learn how to paint with watercolors. The first class of 2021 has begun and the next session, scheduled to begin in February, is already maxed out with many on a waiting list.

Watercolor painting is popular among all generations including many young adults participating in the classes.

“We were so glad the watercolor class was offered. It is both a social gathering where we are making new friends, and a way to challenge my brain in a new way,” Tina Ruf, who recently moved to Grand Junction, remarked.

The classes are taught by local artist and church member, Sandy Carolsella. Students of various skill levels learn the basics of watercolor artistry and each student completes several paintings. During some sessions, all students paint the same picture to learn a specific technique, but in most classes, they choose their own picture and receive individual assistance.

The current class has three community members not affiliated with the church attending the Monday sessions being held at the Grand Junction church.

–Sandi Adcox is senior ministry leader for Grand Junction church; photo supplied.