By Sandi Adcox – Grand Junction, Colorado … With the Grand Junction church Christmas gathering being cancelled the senior ministry team (SAGE) decided to plan a Christmas light scavenger hunt in December sending members scrambling to locate light displays across the city.

Realizing the lack of social activity within the church for the last ten months, leader Sandi Adcox contacted team member Tina Ruff and said, “We still have time — let’s brainstorm.”

“Immediately, the Great Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt began developing. We decided the event would be open to all members of the church, and not restricted to just SAGE members,” Adcox reflected on the planning.

The event began on Thursday, December 17, when a list of 38 specific light displays and guidelines for the hunt was distributed via email. Participants had four days to complete the hunt and submit pictures.

To conclude the event on December 20, there was a drive-through finale at the church. Participants received decorative Holiday Goodie Bag which contained certificates of completion, a scripture relating to hope, a Christmas ornament, four recipes for Christmas breakfast dishes, hot chocolate packets and marshmallows, candy canes and chocolate candies.

Reflecting on the unique event, Taylor Mosby, a 16-year-old who won the Best Selfie award for posing with a unicorn and a “Joy” sign, said, “This was the most fun thing I’ve ever done, and we only missed two items on the whole list.  This was an awesome evening and the goodie bag was great!”

Dollie Bell, Grand Junction member commented, “We had such a great time with the Christmas Light scavenger hunt.  We’ve never looked at so many lights.  Thank you for this great idea, and the wonderful goodie bag was such a special treat.  It was such a fun evening.”

The following week, awards were given to winners including the certificates for finding the most items, the most creative selfie, the best light display, the best picture with Santa, the family with the most participants, and finding the most colorful house. In the end all the participants were recognized with award certificates.

“Following the successful event, plans are already developing for the next scavenger hunt, which will include a party and award ceremony following the event,” Adcox said.

–Sandi Adcox is senior ministry leader for Grand Junction church; photos supplied.