Vashty Segovia Santos – Ward, Colorado … The Campion Academy Girl’s Club took a break from campus, spending the weekend in the cabins at Glacier View Ranch (GVR) in Ward, Colorado, learning about different ways to study God’s Word, September 22-24. The girl’s head dean, April Riseley, and assistant dean, Cherie Haffner, planned the weekend full of activities and worship services in GVR’s Long House.

Carol Turk, the speaker for the retreat, explained a variety of ways that she studied the Bible. She talked about the different ways everyone thinks and how not all bible study techniques will be beneficial for everyone. Ariel Patterson, senior student, shared, “Something I learned from the speaker is that your relationship with God is personal, and that you can express it in your own way. Everyone has a different way of glorifying Him.”

Turk expressed that, when she was younger, she also didn’t enjoy just simply sitting and reading the Bible. She enjoyed studying the Bible in depth with art and sharing that with others.
Turk taught the students some techniques to study the Bible through art, including making decorative booklets to write down important messages. Olivia Arizola, junior student, recalled, “I loved learning how to make little books. It was so unique and fun to try and do.”

The girls bonded with each other discussing spiritual topics and creating art. They ended the weekend having a fun board game night while enjoying hot chocolate and chips.

The girls were able to not only reconnect with each other, but also with God’s nature.
There were lots of outdoor activities available to do like paddle boarding, hiking, and star gazing. Beatriz Moraes, student, expressed, “I liked seeing the beautiful sunrise on the hike. We were able to have time to sing and worship God.”

—Vashty Segovia Santos, Student News Team. Photos supplied.