RMCNews –Angwin, California … Early Sunday morning, September 27, Saint Helena Hospital and the campus of Pacific Union College received the order to leave the premises immediately due to a nearby forest fire that had just been sparked.

The “Glass” fire grew rapidly and by evening was nearing Saint Helena Hospital as firefighters worked to keep the fire from crossing the road onto the hospital’s campus.

Due to the rapid growth and unpredictable direction of the fire many local residents had only minutes to escape.

While the firefighters did everything possible to contain the fire, the nearby community of Deer Park took a direct hit by the fire.  Foothills Adventist Elementary School, the Dorcas Center, and the Adventist Community Building, located in Deer Park were consumed by the fast-moving fire.

The ever-changing winds made the fire next to impossible to fight and was random in its destruction of property with one side of a highway burned, the other side remained untouched.

The nearby Elmshaven home of Ellen G. White was spared from the fire while destruction surrounded the property.

“The fire got extremely close. I’m feeling like an angel must have been hovering over this place and kept it from burning.  I don’t know what else to think. When everything around us burned and this property here survived,” Abner Castanon, Elmshaven caretaker, said.

Reacting to the tragedy of the Napa Valley fire, regional Adventist leaders said that “with so many facing the uncertainties of displacement and loss, we are continuing to pray for the safety of everyone impacted by this difficult situation and for the cessation of the fires. This is our hope and focus.”

A statement released by Pacific Union College on their Facebook page states, “Your donations are urgently needed to support the students, faculty, and staff in our PUC family who have been affected by the Glass Fire. Our school is safe at this time and we are truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful and caring community. Thank you for your prayers and emergency support.”

PUC is accepting donations to help with the displaced families.  To donate please click here.

The Glass fire continues to burn with no containment as of the time of this article being published.

Photo courtesy of the Elmshaven Landmark Facebook page.


Fire closing in on St. Helena Hospital. Photo courtesy of St Helena Hospital Foundation Facebook page.