By Jayce Treat – Loveland, Colorado … Students were “illuminated” after the performance from Campion Academy’s newly-formed drama class on September 16 during their weekly chapel.

Campion Academy’s drama class, Illuminated, wrote and constructed the play, which was about trusting God amidst tough circumstances.

It’s been a year of many disasters and disappointments, including the COVID-19 pandemic, and Illuminated wanted to convey the message that through it all, God is with us and will always listen to us.

“I think the most important message we wanted to get across was to always communicate with God no matter what,” Sami Hodges, Campion senior and lead actress, said. “I wanted the audience to understand that even though there are so many distractions, if they are able to keep connected with God, whether it’s through prayer or a spiritual conversation with a friend, it will make it much easier to navigate through life knowing He is always by our side.”

The drama students represented emotional struggles in the play with words, including “fear” and “anxiety”, on black boxes. During the climax of the play, Jesus, portrayed by Francisco Cortez Echeverria, knocked away the boxes piled around the stage.

“The most important aspect of the play to me was the symbolism,” Daniel Garcia-Mencia, Campion junior, said. “With the struggles that teenagers and adults alike may be going through, especially with all the chaos that is around us, we just have to trust in God and know He’ll be there to guide us through it all.”

Jayce Treat is a senior at Campion Academy; photos by Bentlee Barry