When an employment position needs to be filled, the Rocky Mountain Conference follows the steps as outlined below:

1. Request to Hire. Complete the following Request to Hire online form. Please complete and submit this form as soon as you know a position needs to be filled. Remember that hiring employees takes time and preparation. After HR receives your request form, you will be contacted to begin working on a job description and provide you with an estimate of salary and benefit costs.

New Hire Request Form  This form is submitted by a local church/school representative who is authorized to work with the HR department with new hires.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An employee’s eligibility for benefits is based on all qualifying positions they hold within the RMC. If an employee is deemed eligible for applicable benefits based on positions with two or more entities, those benefit costs will be proportionately divided between the local entities.

Once the Conference and the local church/school are in agreement on the job description and estimated costs for the position, then you can move on to Step 2.

2. Find a candidateAdvertise the position, accept applications, interview, etc. NOTE: Once a candidate has been selected, it is possible that the estimated costs for salary and benefits will need to be modified based on the individual’s qualifications, education, experience, etc. Please work with HR to receive an updated assessment.

3. Set up a New Hire Appointment with HR. Employment New Hire packets are created and distributed electronically. New Hires will need to have access to a computer in order to complete their paperwork. If the New Hire cannot come to the Conference office, HR will set up a phone appointment to review the paperwork with the New Hire and an employer representative from the local church/school.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This appointment and new hire paperwork must be completed no later than the new hire’s start date. Please note that RMC has implemented this timeline to ensure compliance with federal employment laws under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Labor. To set up your appointment, please contact Noemi Borjon at 303.282.3653 or 800.254.9687, ext. 653.


Time Sheets (for employees paid by the hour)

The Rocky Mountain Conference uses an online system to report work hours for non-exempt/hourly employees. Please click on the following link to learn more about this system and submit an enrollment form. uAttend